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Victoria Siegel autopsy: ‘Queen of Versailles’ star’s cause of death revealed

Victoria Siegel’s autopsy has revealed the “Queen of Versailles” star’s cause of death. The 18-year-old star died earlier in the summer and now the reasons behind her sudden death have been revealed. People shared the details on Wednesday. Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images Reports indicate that Victoria Siegel’s autopsy revealed “acute methadone and sertraline toxicity,”  Detaylar…


‘Big Brother’ season 17 ep 17 recap review

The blindside aftershocks continued on tonight’s episode of “Big Brother,” which aired on CBS, and Vanessa told Jason she had no choice but to put him up for eviction. Jackie said Vanessa made her feel like an idiot and that Vanessa was supposed to put Austin up for eviction tonight. Becky said she was going  Detaylar…


‘Big Brother’ season 17 ep 16 recap review

On last night’s episode of “Big Brother,” which aired on CBS, Shelli said she felt helpess because her plan for the game was messed up. Vanessa said the plan was to get Austin evicted this week but she didn’t think she’d have to be the one responsible for it. James said he had to do  Detaylar…


‘Alaskan Bush People: The Lost Footage': The cameramen speak

The Discovery Channel aired a new post-season “Alaskan Bush People” special entitled, “The Lost Footage” on Friday night at the normal timeslot. The title reminds us of those creepy Animal Planet “Lost Footage” videos about Bigfoot and Chupacabre, and a few parts of this show were about as believable. There was not a whole lot  Detaylar…