Joe Robinson About song writing“I’ve only just begun,” those are the words of Joe Robinson, a man who has enamored audiences with his music for 40 years. A life long resident of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Joe is recognized as a musical pioneer, striving to keep jazz vibrant and thriving.

Joe began playing the trumpet at the age of thirteen. From the moment, he heard the sounds of Miles Davis and Chet Baker; he was hooked for life. His musical training began at Atkins High School under the tutelage of Harry Wheeler. He continued his studies at the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Early in his career he contributed to the sounds of Gore and The Upsetters, The Eliminators, and The Bill Bright Quintet. He has worked with a myriad of jazz greats including Donald Byrd, Danny Richmond, The Betty Carter Group, and Lou Donaldson.

His debut CD ” Better Late Than Never” is a gift to his fans. “I made it for everyone who has supported my music over the years,” says Robinson. Co-produced with Steve Blake of Wolftone Productions, this compilation reveals his versatility and distinct style. It consist of a little funk, blues, and reggae enveloped by jazz standards.

Joe has also garnered attention for his work outside his own performances. He has worked with Larry Leon Hamlin as musical director of “The North Carolina Black Theatre Festival” and with Rosa Johnson (niece of Maya Angelou) as director of “Shades of Women’s Voices.” With recent appearances at “The East Coast Jazz Festival” in Rockville, Maryland and “The Jazz Extension Concert” in Saint Croix, Joe continues to reach new heights.

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