A Complete Guide to Teach Piano Lessons Beginners Online

Piano Lessons Beginners

A Complete Guide to Teach Piano Lessons Beginners Online


Beginning piano lessons are your stepping-stones to becoming a good piano player. Although a relatively complex music instrument, the piano can be mastered.

Either as a spring board to ready you for formal piano lessons or just something that can help you with your musical aspirations, the following beginning piano lessons will allow you to establish your relationship with this wonderful instrument.

Understanding The Piano

A degree of understanding of the keyboard’s structure is needed so won’t be intimidated by it. For beginners, the keyboard has several sets of keys arranged in an orderly 12-note pattern. The pattern is repeated throughout the entire piano.

The layout of the piano is composed of individual sets of black and white keys. Each of these keys corresponds to a distinct note whose numbers remain constant no matter the size of the keyboard.

This pattern is apparent in the way the black and white keys are arranged. The black keys which are grouped in sets of 2 and three from the top of the keyboard while the white keys from the remainder of the keyboard.

Best Way to Learn to Play Piano
It is also apparent that to the left of any pair of two black keys is a white key. This is what is called the key of C, the key where not only all octaves begin but also where most beginning piano lessons start.

The Middle C and The Finger Positioning

The Middle C is the C key that sits squarely in the middle of any keyboard. If you are using standard 88-key piano; this is the parallel located key.To the manufacturer’s logo. The big deal with Middle C – this just happens to be an essential key in the necessary finger positioning for most basic piano lessons.

The Middle C also bears another name – position Number 1. To correctly place your fingers into this post, your thumb should be on the Middle C. The rest of the fingers should rest on the succeeding white keys to the right of Middle C.

The designated thumbs are as the number 1 fingers, and the rest of the fingers have their assigned numbers as well. Thus, the thumb is the number 1 finger; the index is the number 2, the third finger is the middle finger, and so on.

Let us start with your first lesson

For your initial experience, take the position number 1 or the Middle C position.Now start pressing your thumb followed by the rest of your fingers – one key at a time. Play each key very slowly, while pressing evenly. When done with your fifth finger, reverse the exercise and begin with your finger down to your first. This is what pianists call an arpeggio, repeat this exercise for at least 30 minutes.

For your first exercise, most of your fingers should have no problem maintaining a smooth and even transition between keys, although your 3rd and 4th fingers are expected to cause you some problems. This is to be expected since both fingers are not often used for independent tasks. Thus it could take some time before these fingers can function as individual fingers. With practice, these fingers will gain their strengths. For the time being, concentrate as much as you can in developing the individual movements of these fingers.

Any beginning piano lessons kick off with these elements – learning the structure of the keyboard, getting acquainted with the pattern of the keys,knowing the Middle C and practicing your first finger exercise.

To get the most out of your beginner piano lessons, you will discover that you should be looking for a quiet place to work. When you can practice free of distractions, you are going to be able to move forward with a great deal more speed and skill. Similarly, make sure that you are going to be able to schedule yourself a regular time to practice. Saying that you are simply going to sit down and practice whenever is sure sign that you are not going to be practicing very much at all, so decide for yourself how much time that you can spare. Even twenty minutes a day regularly can make a huge difference.

Finally, make sure that you find the right piano lessons. A teacher who can deal with your schedule and with the rate at which you learn can be difficult, and that is why so many people take their search online. Online instruction is a terrific resource, so make sure that you do not miss out on how it can benefit you!

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Discover a better Way on How to Write a Song for Guitar, How to Write a Song And How to Write The Best Lyrics

How to Write a Song for Guitar

Discover a better Way on How to Write a Song for Guitar, How to Write a Song And How to Write The Best Lyrics


To know how to write a song for guitar, you will need to understand guitar song structure, tuning, and chords. And don’t forget that there is nothing wrong with getting feedback from another musician and songwriter who can help you with how to write a song for guitar.



Typically, a song is composed of six parts: intro or introduction, verse, pre chorus or climb, chorus or refrain, bridge or middle eight, and finally a coda or an outro. Not all songs have the same structure, but they are composed using some or all of these various parts. For instance, many songs do not have a chorus or an introduction. You can become acquainted with the different structures by listening carefully to various types of songs and making out the chord progressions and the patterns used. When you are familiar with the chords and patterns, you will be better able to write a song of your own.



Part of knowing how to write a song for guitar requires proper guitar tuning. Different guitars have a different number of strings, and their adjustment can be changed according to one’s desire as well. Most of the guitars typically have six strings and are tuned as E-A-D-G-B-E, which is the standard tuning. However, they can be varied according to your preferences. Drop tuning is popular in many songs. Other songs use a capo, which clamps down the guitar strings and makes them all sound higher.


The chords most employed in the music genres of pop, blues, rock, and country are I, IV, and V, all of which are major chords. Another tip about how to write a song for guitar is not to settle only for what is standard; trying out new chords and tuning can open new doors wide. Improvise as much as you can. You never know what wonders musical experimentation can do.

Think about the progression of chords that you are going to follow. Practice the song using the chords and create a melody or a tune for your song. Listen to your song over and over again to make sure that it has the feel that you are trying to convey. The lyrics and music should be complementary and go hand-in-hand with one another.


Feedback and Help

Receiving feedback and help on your song is crucial to writing a song for guitar. You might not be able to find the mistakes in the song that you compose, but outsiders can critically analyze the song and give you suggestions on how to improve your song. You should remember that not all advice should be acted on, merely considered. The ones you find appropriate should be incorporated; the rest should be ignored. When writing a song for guitar, you can always take advice from your friends and family, and although it may be helpful, it is probably best to work with a professional musician and songwriting service that will provide useful advice and suggestions.


Some Beneficial Suggestions On How to Write Songs


Even when experienced song writers find it difficult to get the appropriate words for creating their work, it will be beautiful harder for a newbie creator to make his creations soothing to the ears.


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Here are some of the tips on how to write songs for the first time authors:

Getting inspiration is the first step towards writing your first song. Even though it is a thing that ‘s hard to be done consciously, but most of the best songs created will have some form of inspiration for sure. To begin with the song, it is better to make use of some catchy and meaningful lyrics. Sometimes, you will find it difficult to get such memorable words. So, listen to as many songs as possible so that you will get inspired.

If you are an instrumentalist, try to find the chords that will be perfectly fitting for your lyrics. If you have a beat in your mind, get the same played again and again by your friend in the background and this will enable you to get series of suitable words in your mind. Until you are finding something worthwhile, try to explore the chances in a free-form fashion.

“My experience with songwriting is usually so confessional, it’s so drawn from my own life and my own stories.” -Taylor Swift

Great ideas come and go away immediately and therefore whenever you are getting some ideas in your mind, do not forget to record the same. You can just write it down, or if possible, you can also record it on your mobile phone. There are songwriting software programs that will be helpful to you in this regard. There are also applications meant for this purpose; you can just download them onto your Smartphone so that you will not have to go in search or pen and paper for recording the ideas suddenly arising in your mind. Do not get the ideas to slip away from your mind.

The next thing you will have to do to try to expand your base idea. For instance, if you have a chorus in your thought, seek to create an intro for the same. If it is a lyric, try to continue with the base idea so that you can get some memorable words.

Also, you should never lose track once you have successfully created your first song. You will have to look for several guides that can offer you guidance concerning ‘how to write songs.’ Keep yourself updated with the ideas and as and when you are coming across some situations, try to get valuable ideas from them.

If you want to learn the skills in song writing, check out these Professional Songwriting Secrets. Also check out Masters of Songwriting to learn how to write songs that sell.



Best Way to Learn to Play Piano: Basic Prep Course Lesson for Beginners

Best Way to Learn to Play Piano: Basic Prep Course Lesson for Beginners


If you find playing the piano interesting, the fundamental is to learn the chords first. This is the basic method for you to learn quickly and the best way for you to learn how to play this magnificent instrument. And not everyone has the leisure of time to spend on learning this instrument. And if this also pertains to you, the best way is for you to first learn the piano chords.

Getting instruction manual or videos

One of the most important to start is, for you to get some instruction manual or videos. There are lots of it available at the music store, always remember that notes made up the chords, so if you learned the chords you would also learn different notes as well. Some people have the notion that it takes years how to play, but it is not the case, it’s easy to learn the piano yourself within months if you will motivate yourself and exert time to learn the chords. Visit your favorite music store and buy yourself a good instruction material that would soothe your needs, You may choose from various materials such as videos, computer software’s, guidebooks, chord charts and much more it depends on your preference. Learning is investing, and it is worth it, for, at the end, it will help you to play piano easily. Just make sure to focus on those chords and always bear in mind that practice makes perfect.

Learning the chords

If you have all the instruction materials, all that you need is to learn the chords; you must give an effort to practice every day and never allow yourself to be bored even though you will be playing the same chords repeatedly. It is the only way for you to master it and to allow your hands to learn the proper positioning.

Best Way to Learn to Play Piano

Mastering all the other chords

After mastering the chords, it’s time to give music sheets a try. Do not focus on just a single chord. You must master all the other chords so that you may be able to play the songs you want. If you are not able to master all the right chords in piano, you will not be able to play songs in a perfect rhythm. All traditional pianos consist of 88 keys, but if you prefer the electric key boards, you will notice that it has fewer keys.

In learning alphabet, you always start with the letter a, in piano the chord c is usually the first chord that is required to learn, and later on, you will be able to learn the other chords. The white keys on the piano are the chords C, D, E, F, G, A and B. These notes also make up the chord C. You will find your instruction manuals and piano chord poster handy; You will find everything you need to know about chords and notes with the use of this aid’s.

One of the essentials is to master the notes that make up each chord and the chords themselves as well. One of the most important factors is to memorize the right notes, and eventually, everything would come out naturally, And presto! You will be playing without exerting too much effort.

Learning to read sheet music is not always a prerequisite for playing the piano, but it is useful to know. There are those people that just play the piano by ear, but they miss playing other songs by not reading sheet music. Knowing which notes are what on a scale allows the world of music to be opened up to you.

Being patient

Patience is a large part of how to learn the piano. Getting the rhythm right is not always easy in a piece of music. You have to be patient and not give up trying. It is a process to learn to be proficient at playing any instrument and even though the piano is one of the easier instruments to learn, this fact still holds true.

It takes a great deal of practice to perfect playing music with the piano tutorials. Some programs for teaching it boast that you can practice only 30 minutes a day and get as much effect from it as practicing for hours. Let’s face it, the more you practice the more proficient at this musical instrument you will become, you can’t just practice once in a while if you want to play well.

Aside from the above fundamentals, you must decide which approach to how to learn piano appeals to you the most, a teacher, video, online or play by ear. A teacher can guide you and explain where you can improve your abilities. A video or online training can allow you to learn at your own speed. This may be a bit trickier as far as knowing what you are doing wrong.

Now, if you are playing for the sheer enjoyment of playing and you have a great year for music, then the play-by-ear approach may work fine for you. This entirely frees you from sheet music, but remember it may keep you from learning some fascinating pieces of music.

Make when choosing a piano teacher that you find one that trains according to age. This means that the music will be suited to the age of the student. There is nothing worse than going for training as an adult and having to play music more suited for children.

Online classes, DVDs, and videos should clearly show finger placement and other pertinent information to help you how to learn piano. Make sure you see a sample of what these show before purchasing them.

If you want more information about the best way to learn to play piano, click the official piano lessons website.




Home Piano Lessons: Basic Online Piano Lessons for Beginners

 Home Piano Lessons

Home Piano Lessons: Basic Online Piano Lessons for Beginners

There are many people who have made the decision to have at home piano lessons online, but are not sure how to go about doing it. In this age, almost anything can be found on the Internet, and yes, this includes piano lessons. People often wonder how online courses compare to private piano sessions with an instructor, and wonder if they will actually be able to learn via the internet.

Online courses can be very good and can teach you thoroughly and completely if you find the right one. Do your research. The best online piano courses will have positive testimonials on their websites about people just like you who have been able to learn online.

At home piano lessons don’t have a teacher, and in the online process, this role is transferred to you. Who says that you can’t teach yourself? The best piano programs will allow you to teach yourself, by clearly showing you what is right and wrong. It will be completely thorough, leaving out absolutely nothing.

A lot of programs will have their lessons centered around very clear videos and home DvDs, showing the steps in painstaking details with large labeled diagrams, and audio segments with a clear and uplifting voice.

At home piano lessons online may leave a little more responsibility on your shoulders, but at the end of your journey, as long as you have put in the time, then you will have learned just as quickly as somebody who is taking private lessons.

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Online at home piano lessons you have the option of going quickly if you are eager and willing with the time on your hands. With private lessons, no matter what your level of motivation is, you will always be limited by money since even one lesson per week is more than most people can afford.

If you want to learn online, you need to know that it is possible. You won’t break the bank and you can move at your own speed instead of being limited by your weekly piano sessions.

The best online courses will have very clear and concise lessons centered around videos, images, audio, etc. Find programs that have been proven to work. These programs do exist, and they are not that difficult to find.


Below are a few tips to help you find the right course for you:


Make sure that you take some time out to read some reviews. Don’t just buy the first course that you see. Reading reviews from the Internet will help you save both time and money, so start checking out some blogs and forums for other peoples thoughts on the course at hand.


Think about the type of course that you will need. What is your skill level? Are you are beginner looking to start fresh, or are you an intermediate player looking for some extra practice; knowing this is important so that you get the course that best suits your level.


Before you even begin your search, decide what you are will to budget out for your lessons. Plan out how much you are willing to spend on your at home piano lessons and any equipment that you may wish to buy as well. Plan it out and then stick to it. Try to find a solid course that will give you your best bang for your buck as they say.

In order to learn the piano you are going to have to make a solid commitment to yourself. This commitment is what will make you follow through on your lessons no matter what. If you are determined to learn the piano you can get it done, but making a strong commitment is what will help you follow through.

You may want to write down your commitment. Quite often, you can start a project and start to lose interest in it at a certain point in time. It is at this point that you want to be able to read the commitment you originally had so is that you can take strength and remember your long-term goals. You want to have piano playing skills and taking the time and energy to do the lessons is what is going to get you there.

You need to stay motivated at all times. Before you sit down and begin your at home piano lessons take a moment to reflect on the reasons why you are doing this. What is it that is making you sit in front of the piano right now?

Best Way to Learn to Play Piano

If you can visualize the end goal and how it will feel when you can actually play the piano you will keep the motivational alive. This is critical to your success, and even the finest and most stimulating lessons can be put away if you don’t have a connection with your motivation.

Another way to keep your motivational life is to continually reward yourself. What is it that you can give to yourself every time you have completed a lesson? Is there anything you like to do or something you want to have right after you have taken the time to practice? Think about it. Small rewards can keep you committed and motivated, and before long you will have learned all you need to know about the piano in order to play it properly.

When you want to learn the piano, keep in mind that commitment and motivation are what will keep you interested, but along with that you need to find a great course on the Internet that is both stimulating and entertaining. A combination of both will get you to your goal and you will become a great piano player.